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A Funeral Plan  you pay for your funeral in advance and at today’s price. It is a way of taking control of the unexpected, setting out the arrangements and limiting the costs by paying for the services included in the funeral plan upfront. It’s practical, sensible and should be an essential part of your end of life financial planning.

We have partnered with Dignity to provide you with a market leading range of Prepaid Funeral Plans that all carry a promise of quality, which is never, ever compromised.

With a  Prepaid Funeral Plan, it is  guaranteed that there will be no more to pay for the funeral services in the plan. There are currently a range of Dignity Funeral Plans available:

  • Limited plan
    Full payment of £2,895; or from £15.23 a month
  • Amber plan
    Full payment of £3,295; or from £17.33 per month
  • Pearl plan
    Full payment of £3,650; or from £19.20 per month
  • Diamond plan
    Full payment of £3,895; or from £20.49 per month

The installment amount shown is for a plan being paid over a maximum term of 25 years. Longer installment terms are available provided that all payments are completed by the 85th birthday of the eldest person named on the plan. There will be an extra charge if you spread the cost over more than 12 months.

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